We grow three main types of hardnecks: Purple Stripe, Porcelain, and Rocamboles.

Hardneck varieties of garlic are the more dramatic with fewer but much larger cloves. Hardnecks prefer cold winter climates. They have less of an outer bulb wrapper which makes them more sensitive and reduces their shelf life. As they grow, they produce a stalk that coils from the top called a “scape” or garlic flower. Scapes can be harvested and used for creative cooking before the garlic itself is actually harvested.

Purple Stripe varieties: the sweetest baking garlics of all.
Bogatyr | Siberian

Porcelain varieties: may be the most beautiful garlics of all. Their bulb wrappers tend to be very thick, luxuriant and parchment-like and tightly cover their few, but large, cloves.
Georgian Crystal

Rocambole varieties: well known for their wonderful, robust, well-rounded, true-garlic flavor.
Romanian Red

Buy the best quality seed garlic for planting

Our original seed stock comes from organically grown farms and heirloom seed stock. All our garlic is guaranteed to be high quality. Garlic can be purchased in small or large quantities.

When selecting garlic, it should be big, plump and firm, tight silky skins with its paper-like covering intact, not spongy, soft, or shriveled.  As with all ingredients for cooking, buy the best garlic you can afford.

Our season starts with cutting of scapes in mid-June. Try scapes as you would regular garlic cloves. They also taste great roasted! Our garlic crop is harvested in mid-July. Fresh garlic will be available in mid-July. Fresh garlic will have “mild heat” , which means not as garlicky. Most garlic is sold cured and will be available August through November.

Varieties available:

Check out each variety for growing instructions, flavor descriptions, variety characteristics, bulb size and clove number.