If “variety is the spice of life” garlic should be right up there. Below is a listing of the gourmet garlic varieties available. Even though we do not grow many of them, each year we are adding new stock to offer you more choices from Last Green Valley Garlic Growers.

Alphabetic listing of Gourmet Garlic


Ajo Rojo (Creole)

Amish Rocambole (Rocambole)

Applegate (Artichoke)

Asian Tempest (Asiatic)

Bavarian (Rocambole)

Belarus (Purple Stripe)

Bogatyr (Marbled Purple Stripe)

Brown Tempest (Marbled Purple Stripe)

Burgundy (Creole)

California Early (Artichoke)

California Late (Artichoke)

Caretaker (Rocambole)

Carpathian (Rocambole)

Chesnok Red (Purple Stripe)

China Dawn (Turban)

Creole Red (Creole)

Cuban Purple (Creole)

Early Red Italian (Moderate Artichoke)

Georgian Crystal (Porcelain)

Georgian Fire (Porcelain)

German Extra Hardy (Porcelain)

German Red (Rocambole)

German White (Porcelain)

Germinador (Creole)

Gourmet Red (Marbled Purple Stripe)

Inchelium Red (Artichoke)

Italian Easy Peel (Rocambole)

Italian Late (Artichoke)

Italian Purple (Rocambole)

Japanese (Asiatic)

Killarney Red(Rocambole)

Korean Red (Asiatic)

Korean Red Hot (Rocambole)

Leah 99 (Porcelaiin)

Leningrad (Porcelain)

Lorz Italian (Artichoke)

Maiskij (Turban)

Metechi (Marbled Purple Strip)

Mild French (Silverskin)

Music (Porcelain)

Nootka Rose (Silverskin)

Northern White (Porcelain)

Paw Paw (Rocambole)

Persian Star (Purple Stripe)

Polish Hardneck (Porcelain)

Polish White (Artichoke)

Purple Glazer (Glazed Purple Stripe)

Red Janice (Turban)

Red Toch (Artichoke)

Rogue River Red (Artichoke)

Romanian Red (Porcelain)

Rose de Lautrec (Rich French Creole)

Rosewood (Porcelain)

Russian Red (Rocambole)

S & H Silverskin (Silverskin)

Shandong (Turban)

Shilla (Turban)

Siberian (Marbled Purple Stripe)

Siciliano (Artichoke from Sicily)

Silverwhite (Silverskin)

Simoneti (Artichoke)

Slovenian (Rocambole)

Sonoran (Asiatic)

Spanish Roja (Rocambole)

Stull (Porcelain)

Susanville (Artichoke)

Thermadrone (Asiatic)

Transylvanian (Artichoke)

Tzan (Turban)

Ukraine (Rocambole)

Xian (Turban)

Zemo (Porcelain)