What started as a few dozen cloves in a raised bed has blossomed into an ambitious, collaborative venture between two adjacent farms nestled in the “Quiet Corner” of northeast Connecticut. Mark and Alisa Mierzejewski, who own Burgis Brook Alpacas, have combined talents with Kevin and Denise Lindell of Locust Grove Farm to cultivate the best varieties of hardneck garlic that can be found.

Mark and Alisa, with a long background in agriculture and the alpaca industry, saw an opportunity to bring a unique product to this part of southern New England. From there it was easy to convince Kevin, a food-animal veterinarian with a passion for locally grown food, and Denise, an accountant with a love of good food and quality produce, to join the effort.

The two adjoining farms are situated in the fertile Quinebaug River Valley. These deep, rich soils, combined with the amazing properties of well-composted alpaca manure, grow the most amazing gourmet garlic that can be found. We hope you take the opportunity to sample our hardneck varieties and come to share our enthusiasm for this amazing food.